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Robert K. Prud'homme

PhD Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin- Madison, 1978

Princeton University

Department:    Chemical Engineering
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Phone:   609-258-4577
Fax:   609-258-0211

Research Statement
Professor Prud'homme's research involves two major themes: self-assembly and biomacromolecules. In the area of self-assembly weak forces are used to control both the equilibrium phase behavior as well as the kinetics of assembly. In the first case we consider hydrophobically modified polymers intereacting with surfactant mesophases or lipid bilayer surfaces. In the second case we study the kinetics of co-self-assembly of block copolymers and wax crystals or pharmaceutical actives to create stable nano-particles and stable fluids. In the second area of biopolymers we work on understanding how nature uses weak hydrogen bonding forces to tailor interactions between biomacromolecules. These forces determine polymer solubility and rheology. New techniques such as fluorescence probe photobleaching and osmotic stress diffraction allow us to probe molecular level interactions.

1978 PhD Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin- Madison
1973 Graduate Studies Program in Environmental Science and Public Policy Harvard University
1969 BSE Chemical Engineering Stanford University

1978 Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Princeton Materials Institute, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Selected Honors
2000-Present Materials Science Technical Advisory Board Dow Chemical Company
1997 Operations Advisory Group, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials & Devices
1992-Present Editorial Board, "Polymer Gels and Networks", Elsevier Science Publishers
1990-Present Director, Program in Engineering Biology, Princeton University
1989-1991 Executive Committee, U.S. Society of Rheology
1985 Advisory Committee, Water Soluble Polymer Research American Cyanamid Central Research, Stamford, CT
1984 National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award
1984 Steering Committee, National Bureau of Standards Chemical Engineering Center Mixing Study, Boulder, CO
1983-Present Editorial Board, Butterworths Publishers Series in Chemical Engineering
1982-Present Board of Directors, Rheometrics Inc., Piscataway, NJ
1982-1992 Board of Directors, AIChE Materials Science and Engineering Division
1979-1981 Task Force on Exxon Research and Engineering University Cooperative Research, Florham Park, NJ

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