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Eugene A. Irene

Ph.D., Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 1969-72

University of North Carolina

Department:    Chemistry
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Research Statement
Professor Irene's research interests center on thin films and interfaces that involve microelectronics materials. His group specializes in in situ real-time studies of the kinetics of film formation such as: the oxidation of semiconductors, ion beam sputtering and the chemical vapor deposition of thin films. Film preparation techniques utilize ion beams, plasmas and rapid thermal processes. In situ real-time studies use spectroscopic ellipsometry to determine film growth dynamics and ion scattering and recoil analysis is used for structure and composition while films grow. Optical properties studies of thin films and surfaces are performed using spectroscopic ellipsometry and film morphology studies are performed using transmission and scanning electron and optical microscopy and atomic force microscopy and Fractal analysis. Electrics properties studies are also performed on thin films.

1969-72 Ph.D., Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
1959-63 B.S., Chemistry, Manhattan College, New York, NY

1987-90 Vice Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina
1982- Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina
1972-82 Research Staff Member, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
1963-69 U.S.A.F. Officer

Selected Honors
2002 ISI Highly Cited Researcher
1998 Visiting Fellow, University of Paris, Paris, France, Summer
1997 Conference Chair, Second International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Charleston SC
1997 Fellow of American Vacuum Society
1995 Visiting Fellow Ecole Central de Lyon, Lyon , France, Summer
1988 Callinan Award, Electrochemical Society
1980 IBM Invention Achievement Award
1969 Bronze Star Medal

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